Wednesday, February 15, 2006

'Miles to go...' Posted by Picasa
Pen sketch; 5"x7"

Another pen sketch of Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai. This is dedicated to my father, my guru, V. K. Ravi, who made me sketch and paint countless tree-lined roads.


Anonymous said...

except for your dad, the inspirations to do the inks were from a friend of yours called sc. forget it at the peril of the wrath of the devas.

the inks look awesome; they paint an inner picture of a new reality inside me; they join me with the very best tradition of inspiring pen-to-paper work of the ancient artists...

proud and glad to be participating in your log, make your meaning here; and your life is bound to be eternal and joful and acstatic and engaged and experiential and divine and caring and inspiring.

keep up the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the typos

Varshapanicker said...

dear sc,

i dare not incur the wrath of the devas. yes, you were the one soul who inspired, insisted, persisted and finally prevailed in getting me to do these works.

eternally grateful to you...


Biren said...

finally! you HAVE done something about bringing this light outside...
its a delight. and awe-ful. (teeheehee...)
really, the paintings, AND the sketches are mesmerising.
resonates something inside.
and... there is something else that resonated too. and that is the intro to your blog. (i started a blog - and left it after that - which started with similar thoughts and words...)
is it any wonder why our gears meshed so easily... and smoothly.
thank you for sharing this blog with me.

Varshapanicker said...

dear bieren,

glad that u really liked the work. yes, it's now that i am slowly bringing this out into the open. it takes a little courage to come out, so all out...

hope u keep visitng and commenting.


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful experience going through your articles ,especially paintings which made remember my childhood days.Again you made me think of uncle .
I cannot remember a single day when my dad doesn't talk of him and recently when Badal called me and I made him speak to my dad,I could feel how happy my dad was .
missing you all

jagriti said...

Hi varsha,
Seen your paintings and sketchings,I am also a graphic designer hence felt like commenting on some of your work your ink pen sketching is very innovative and commendable but painting through colors need to be worked on more,please take it as a frienz suggestion,if you ever need me as a freelancer then do contact me my i.d is and few of my works you can catch on the link
and with the name jagriti kishore, delhi you can visit orkut.